Do you want to build a product or a service but you do not know:

  • How to do it

  • What skills the team should have

  • How to make them co-owners of the project in your new startup

You like to Manage Projects or Teams and you are looking for a platform that promotes projects that need your skills

You want to choose your own team members to implement a project arrangements dead simple.

You are a skilled freelancer and you want to work in a team for a project

Fees for the revenues you receive on other freelancing platforms are too high

TeamEasy – Matchmaking platform between Product Owners, Project ┬áManagers and Freelancers

Whether the project is a product or a service, join TeamEasy

Product Owner

Join TeamEasy, post what you want to build. View the list of teams bids. Choose the one you want to work with.

Project Manager

Understand the project, define roles needed, discuss with possible candidates and complete the project bid to Product Owner


Search for the type of project you want to work and submit your bid.

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